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11 January 2017 @ 10:58 pm
The King of Cups  
Yesterday I read the tarot to myself, a simple three-card spread. In the future position, I drew the King of Cups.
Last night, I dreamed of him.
I was at an office in the stadium of a local football team. There is this guy who tells me to tell him when I left, because he wanted to walk me to the bus stop. I ignore him and later I leave. The guy somehow catches up with me. I am not creeped out, I am not afraid. Instead, I notice he's quite cute. The guy then invited me to his house for dinner. I go to his house, with my sister, and note there are many other people there, including girls. I am a teeny tiny bit jealous, and let him know that he'll only tease me just like he did with the others. In a very seductive way, he tells me not to worry. I follow him to the kitchen and hear him talk on the phone in a strange language. I tease him saying he's speaking tongues, he replies that actually, he's Hungarian. Then it's like it's the other day, and my sister leaves. I tell her not to worry, I'll follow her later that evening. As I bid her farewell, I wake up. Some features of the boy still remain in my memory. The pale skin, the roundness of his face, his blue eyes, the blondeness of his hair...